Poland has one of the oldest traditions of military awards in Europe.  Extreme pride in its military over the centuries, quite at variance with its politicians.

POLAND, Virtuti Militari 1831 5th class, silver, W-73, VG $450.00 sold
This was issued by Poland in rebellion, a stock captured by the Russians, who gave them out to their own troops to insult the defeated Poles.
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POLAND, Monte Cassino Cross, VF $70.00 sold
This is a private issue item for participants in the Polish units that fought in this famous 1944 battle.
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POLAND, Kosciuszko Div., badge & stickpin "LENINO-BERLIN,” scarce, XF $35.00 sold
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POLAND, Participant in Battle of Berlin 1945, VF $24.00 sold 7/1/2011
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243-913) POLAND, World War II lot: driver's license & identity document of bombardier attached to antiaircraft unit of military school, soldier's book of another guy, metal insignia: 2x cavalry, 3x infantry, 1x reserve corps, 20x snapshots of soldiers in Poland (1939), Palestine, Iraq & India (1940-44), England & Scotland, 29 pieces in all.  1 document repaired, the rest average VF $95.00 sold
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POLAND, military identity book, 1920, thumbprint, F $35.00
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POLAND, postcard, b&w headshot photo of Polish female reservist, back marked MADE IN FRANCE in English,  WWII era, XF $16.00

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