The general idea is to talk to the enemy and to the bystanders, innocent or not.  The information is sometimes factual, sometimes not.  The general idea is to influence behavior.  If one good tip comes in, or if one enemy defects, the operation is justifiable.

SOUTH VIETNAM, Safe Conduct Pass, undated (1968), 4th type: 7 flags / Thieu photo portrait & photo of ARVN soldier pointing out glorious future to VC guerilla, Unc $20.00 sold 9/12/2008
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    These things are common items of psychological warfare.  If I'm not mistaken they are mentioned in the Old Testament.  The general principle is "surrender and we'll treat you good."  Sometimes, in the grand scheme of things, the promise is fulfilled.

USA, Army, PSYOPS, flyer, 215x137mm, soldiers, soldier with child, Pashto: HELP AFGHAN NATIONAL ARMY AND POLICE / THEY ARE HERE FOR YOU, code: AFD04efHB 1002 pashtu, Unc $3.50
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    The illiteracy rate in Afghanistan is estimated at 70%.

USA, Army, PSYOPS, bumpersticker, 248x102mm, police with guns, Pashto: "I support Afghan border police," code: AFD04aaDE 3145a Pashtu, unused, Unc $3.50
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    What car will mount this on its bumper?  Border police car in convoy?  Is this not a "Kick Me" sign?

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