GREAT BRITAIN, various medals, no ribbons (except one):

Long Service & Good Conduct - India (1902-08), to 4867 Riflem. Aitiram Guhnky 1st Bn 1st P of _____, VF $95.00 sold

MBE badge, military, pre-1937, VF $235.00
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MBE badge, military, pre-1937, original case, no ribbon, XF $247.50 sold 12/12/2008
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Civil Service medal, to Tom Percy Williams, original ribbon, XF+ $60.00 sold
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GREAT BRITAIN, Royal Lifesaving Society, 32mm bronze,  lifesaving scene, ROYAL LIFE SAVING SOCIETY ESTABLISHED 1891 / QUEMCUNQUE VIDERIS HOMINEM SCIAS AWARDED TO..., engraved: V.A. Brown SEPT. 1934, edge bump, XF $50.00
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