My grandfather would frequently wear a vest under his coat, and would sometimes be seen "in his shirtsleeves" with that vest, a state of informal undress meant to be seen only by family and friends.  At times a thin chain would be seen attached to a buttonhole on that vest, the other end disappearing into one of the pockets on the vest.  In that pocket, attached to that chain, would be a pocket watch, and occasionally a dainty folding knife.  I never saw him wear one of these things, which were meant to elicit comments such as "Say, what's that fob?"  He was not that kind of guy.

USA, silver plated brass fob, 3 medallions, 21, 25, 31mm, chained vertically: 1) 3 women, ALASKA YUKON EXPOSITION SEATTLE 1909 / bust L, WILLIAM H. SEWARD, 2) building, FINE ARTS PALACE / building, FORESTRY BUILDING, 3) building, UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT BUILDING / building, MANUFACTURES BUILDING, VF $85.00
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USA, 5 part brass fob celebrating alcohol, tobacco, and "loose" women, c. 1880s, excellent piece, F $85.00
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