CZECHOSLOVAKIA, medals and badges
    Czechoslovakia was born in 1918 out of the dismemberment of the old Hapsburg empire.  Like most European countries of the time it was fond of medals and badges.  During the Communist period medal production was accelerated.  A medal is a cheap way of recognizing someone.  Today we choose someone as employee of the month and let them have a special parking space and a little certificate given at the morning meeting.  Back then they gave them a medal.

277-1412. CZECHOSLOVAKIA, medal for Service to Country, bronze, with certificate, 1955, XF $35.00
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CZ11) CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 50th Anniv. Communist Party 1971, bronze, AU $10.00 this one sold, I have another without suspension pin, same price
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CZ12) CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 30th Anniversary Liberation by Soviet Army (1975) with certificate, AU $21.00
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CZR3) CZECH REPUBLIC, medal group to Ivan Herich: USSR 30th Anniv. Victory 1975 - military, Czechoslovak CSPB antifascist medal 1989, Russia 50th Anniv. Vict. 1995, Ukraine 50th Anniv. Vict. 1995, all with certificates, 4 different countries!, XF-AU $48.00 sold
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CZU1) CZECHOSLOVAKIA, SNB - National Police, enamel brass medal, unknown purpose, back blank, AU $16.00
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Someone tell me what this is for?

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