CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 1960s-70s, all nice, no hidden defects

    TOP LEFT - Army NCO, parade 30.00 sold

    TOP RIGHT - Army CO, parade 35.00 sold

    MIDDLE LEFT - Army general officer, camouflage 65.00 sold

    MIDDLE RIGHT - National Police NCO 40.00

    BOTTOM - Air Force woman NCO 30.00 sold

Military jackets, both excellent condition:

LEFT - Major, Communications unit, with 3 year service bars & bar for fireman's medal and medal "For service to homeland" (both sewn on upside down, whatever that may mean).  Parade jacket 50.00

RIGHT - First ensign (equiv. USA 1st Lieutenant), transport unit, with 2 year service bars, spec.1 badge, excellent fireman badge, Army sport 2 badge. Work jacket 45.00

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