BELGIUM, civil medals and medallions
    As is true with many European countries, Belgium went through a period during which medals and medallets were very popular.  For about 100 years from the mid-19th century thousands of little and big awards and pseudo-awards were made and distributed by all sorts of organizations.

242-1116. BELGIUM, badge lot: 6x shooting prizes, Royal Orphan Society, dates 1907-40, 5 silver, 7 pcs total, F-XF $53.00 sold
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223-81) 21mm bronze, St. Christopher crossing river / 1930s car at dock by ship, plane above.  Attribution to Belgium is tentative, F 14.00
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224-1a) silver plated bronze, 29x42mm diamond shape, swimmer(?) facing L with wreath / blank, XF 13.00
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224-71b) silver plated bronze 33mm, antiqued, shooter to waist, aiming R, in octagonal border / wreath, KREISMEISTER K K 1954 engraved within, XF 24.00
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224-71) silver plated 31mm, antique auto facing, wreath / LE T.C.B. A, 1920s?, Auto Touring Club of Belgium, unawarded, XF 16.00
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221-71d) bronze 24x34mm, draped woman std R, naked child stg kissing her hand, draped girl holding bouquet behind, LA RECONNAISSANCE / FEDERATION NATIONALE DES COMBATTANTS SECTION DE BRUXELLES... RECONNAISSANCE, by Smeth, 1920s, VF+ 10.00 sold
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