GERMANY, Weimar Republic medals
    Of interest during the interwar period, from a medals point of view, were the large number of veterans' organizations that liked to march around, commemorate their fallen comrades, engage in political activity, engage in street fighting, etc.  All kinds of politics were expressed, and they all had their uniforms and medallic doodads.  Out of that quasi-military stew came, among many others, Hitler.

1914-1918 Honor Cross, nicknamed "Hindenburg" medal, so-named after the then president of the republic, issued to veterans of WWI in 1934, so technically a Nazi medal.
a) Honor Cross with Swords, issued to front line troops, R-based monogram in circle on back, modern ribbon, XF 30.00
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b), same, R.V. 26 PFORZHEIM on back, no ribbon, VF 30.00
Not pictured.

c) Honor Cross without Swords, issued to non-front line troops, 0.14 on back, original ribbon without mounting device, XF 30.00
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d) Honor Cross with swords, in iron for widow of soldier killed in action, G&S on back, modern ribbon, XF 30.00 sold
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GERMANY, 25 Years in Prussian Veteran's Organization, 2 part badge, silvered, gilded, enamelled, terminal ribbons, complete, original VF $50.00 sold 12/26/2010
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GERMANY,For Service in Soldier's Union Affairs (1919-33), with old ribbon on which a stickpin for League of German War Grave Tenders, small cor spot rev., VF $35.00
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