GERMANY, WWII, miscellaneous military items

269-1058. GERMANY, NAZI, Navy battle flag & senior officer auto banner.  Flag is printed type, marked: Kr. Fl. 88x135 - Lorenz Summa Söhne Oberhotzau, banner is 312x215mm triangular, yellow on deep blue, stitched on emblems both sides, nickel plated locking loops, both are apparently unused, and in such good condition one might be tempted to be suspicious, but the consensus of interested parties seems to be that they are genuine, and there is as always with me a full refund if fake as long as I am alive $850.00 returned to consignor, no longer available
Click pictures for enlargements. (A bit of false color to the banner to enhance the blue.  Why?  Because the raw photo came out black.  This is actually more like what it looks like.  Lighting is a tricky thing.  The wall on which the flag is hanging is actually light blue.)

242-1120. GERMANY, NAZI, 161 original photos of WWII German soldiers, postcards, letters, documents, an original pack of Zuban #6 cigarettes, other stuff in Feldpost box F-VF $235.00 sold
Click picture for enlargement of box & some of the contents.






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