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    For more than 10 years now I have conducted business here by email negotiation rather than "secure commerce."  As we have seen recently, "secure commerce" is not exactly secure, just convenient.  Here we are trading convenience for human interaction, which I consider the best security.  You and I will negotiate until we are satisfied and only then will I process the order.
    You can cut and paste the text description of whatever you're interested in, including reference number (if any) and price, into your email. If you want more than one of something, put that information next to the item.  I will personally get back in touch with you regarding what's available, shipping costs, total bill, method of payment, etc.  Reply time will be variable, as befits a family guy with way too much to do, but I'll constantly do the best I can.

1. Paying cash: USA banknotes that are torn or have small pieces missing ARE acceptable as payment.  I also accept payment in any convertible currency.
Typically, if they open the parcel for whatever reason, they will not find a packing list or invoice.  I do not include such unless YOU have asked me to.  When presented with the query YOU SHOULD CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY.  I will prepare and fax a statement either to you or to them directly.  That action should take care of things.  If it doesn’t I will keep trying.  The basic point is that you should not deal with them alone.  I should be in on the process.  So when that kind of thing happens GET IN TOUCH!

TERMS (read the fine print!)
1. Everything guaranteed genuine &/or as described. If it is a repro or altered it will be so described.  If not, send it back. Lifetime return privilege on items sold as genuine that turn out to be fake or that were repaired and not so described.  (That's my lifetime.  Don't ask my heirs to fix something for you 50 years from now!)
2. RETURNS: No-hassle return in reasonable time, no questions asked.  If return is for my error I will refund part or all of your return postage depending on how many bells & whistles you add to the basic postage cost of the return.  Ask me if you have questions.  Returns deemed to be absurd due to low value or ridiculous reason may result in termination of the business relationship without notice.  (I write this early in 2003 because it has happened several times recently.  If you don't know the parameters of quality, authenticity, pricing, etc. of the thing you're buying ask me and I'll be more than happy to tell you what I think and what I know.  But if you don't and you assume I'm trying to cheat you somehow I'll get all huffy inside and while I'm smilingly refunding your money I'll also be crossing you off my list.  Life is too short for both of us.)
2a. When you return something either use the "cheapest or most reasonable" method or ask my advice.  If the reason for your return is because I made a mistake I will refund your shipping costs, but only the "cheapest or most reasonable method."  Example: as I write I have on my desk a return.  My mistake.  Parcel weighs about 5 ounces, insured for $200, in a flat rate priority envelope, with delivery confirmation.  Items are worth $56.00.  Postage paid was $9.25.  I would have sent it as a first class package, insured for $100, no delivery confirmation, total $3.86.  I will round upward and refund $4.00.  Post office likes to encourage unnecessary "services."  Do not be taken in.  I will pay for my mistakes.  You will pay for yours.  Talk to me.
3. PAYMENT WITH ORDER.  I accept check, money order, cash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club(!)), paypal, etc.  I also accept foreign currency by prearrangement (rates vary depending on the currency).  Wire transfers are possible, but carry extra fees that make it a silly method for amounts under $1000.00.  Contact me by email to make arrangements.
4. REFUND if sold out (human error in inventory entry, etc.) or for return.  Form of refund is at my option.  This means that if you paid by credit card you MAY get a refund by check.  This is because credit card transactions carry fees in both directions, at least mine do.  If I'm going to pay 3.5% + $0.35 each way I may opt to write you a check instead.  Sorry for possible inconvenience.  Gotta trim those costs.  And if you are a regular customer you may get a store credit for the assumed next order, always cashable should you so prefer.
5. You pay the invoiced shipping costs.  Shipping costs are based on 1) actual shipping costs & 2) credit card processing costs (we split the cost, which averages 3+%).  Shipping in USA is usually by insured mail ($3.50 minimum).  Overseas methods vary and will be agreed on in advance.
    NEW (8/17/2009): I am going to experiment with "self-insurance" for some small orders.  For instance: charge you $1.50 for shipping and slap a 44¢ stamp on the envelope.  If it gets lost I will pay rather than the PO.  Losses are annoying but rare.  Last year 2600 packages more or less, 8 losses.
6. THERE IS NO INDEMNITY FOR SHIPMENTS OUTSIDE THE USA THAT DON'T ARRIVE.  I ship several hundred parcels overseas every year.  Maybe 3-5 get lost, but registered shipments will recover no more than $45.00, depending on what was written on the customs form.  Overseas shipments are AT THE BUYER'S RISK.  Sorry.  The sole exception is if I ship by parcel post with insurance, in which case the customs sticker must reflect accurate value for those of you who suffer under a VAT or a duty.  "Parcel post" designation will typically double or triple the shipping costs.  IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH CUSTOMS CONTACT ME BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING!
7. NC state sales tax is 8% and will be added to all orders shipped to NC addresses.
8. You are welcome to ask for a discount and/or make counteroffers.  I may or may not grant the discount or accept your offer.  If I don't this time I might next time, so by all means keep asking.  BUT:
    a) asking for a price reduction will ALWAYS increase my response time while I think about it
    b) reductions will pretty much never happen for transactions of less than $100.00, for gold, for large orders of cheap stuff (e.g.: 150 different items @ $0.50 each)
    c) In the low dollar / high precious metal price situation that obtains from late 2007 discounts become less likely and smaller, the opposite in fact, some prices may rise without prior notice.
9. WANTLISTS - I do not have an automated system that goes "beep" when I get something someone wanted.  Instead, you can do 2 things to maximize your chance of getting something:
    a) get on the email announcement list by asking to be on it,
    b) call or email me in the 3rd week of every month to ask me about that specific thing you want.
10. SECURITY CONSIDERATION (mine) - I like to develop relationships of trust.  Multiple repeat customers may experience ship-and-bill orders rather than pay-in-advance.  If this is the case with you I may, at any time, resume the pay-in-advance procedure.  The most likely reason will be that you have made an order much larger than usual, but any reason will do, and I "reserve the right" absolutely.  This policy may be applied even to customers that have had years of interaction with me.  Nothing personal.  Just business.

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