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For me this is mostly natural mineral specimens and fossils.

2002 Some cut stones are beginning to come in.  Last year I knew nothing about cut stones, and have been forced to investigate the market.  I am not pleased with what I've found.  There is no valid price structure or normal profit margin.  It is a cutthroat business in which every level attempts to take maximum advantage of the ignorance of the potential buyer.  For example, some of the same batch of rubies I offer below were offered to me for $1000 each!  Average markups from primary producer to ultimate seller are outrageous - 10,000% is not uncommon, 1000% is pretty normal.  Quality parameters are extremely subjective, so that virtually identical objects can differ in price by enormous factors.  Meanwhile, there is an enormous glut of most gems.  You can buy high quality in 1000 piece lots.  One word capsule of the gem market: yuk.  But there is also opportunity there.  Find a complaisant jeweler, which is certainly not impossible, because there are so many broke ones around, buy your own stones dirt cheap, which can certainly be done, and get them custom set, often for less than something out of the case in the store.

Natural objects inventory

Aragonite crystals from Morocco
Cut stones
Gold nuggets
Quartz & pyrite crystals from Peru sold
Sulfur crystals from Mexico
big selenite crystal sold

Crinoid fossils sold
Fossil ammonites
Fossil fish & shrimp
Fossil cephalopod, orthoceros, from Morocco sold
Marine fossils
Early Cretaceous fossil pinecone sold
Fossil crabs from Italy and Philippines
Dinosaur teeth
Plesiosaur tooth from Morocco sold
Dinosaur eggshell fragments sold
Fossil shark teeth, including some big ones sold
Fossil penguin skull sold
Amber, some with bugs inside, from Lithuania
Fossil bugs
Cave bear teeth & jaw fragments
Oreodont teeth and jaw from South Dakota sold
Fossil snail shells from Florida sold
fossil bison teeth


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