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BOOK: Robert Graves, The Big Green Book, Maurice Sendak illus., first USA editionsold
BOOK: "The Sad Sack," 1944 sold
CHINA, fancy calligraphy ink blocks sold
GERMANY, Prussian stamped envelope, 1856
INDIA, top quality antique miniature paintings on ivory plaques,
LIBYA, photos of the Italian colonial period
PHILIPPINES, old photos sold
POLAND, Warsaw Police Gazette, 1850
POLAND, postcards & a booklet on the subject of Jan Paderewski
RUSSIA, icons
SWEDEN, Souvenir pin for 1922 Nordic Games, Stockholm sold
TOBACCO TINS from France & USA, 1950s-60s sold
USA, 1943 Bugs Bunny hard cover comic book sold
USA, New Jersey newspaper, 1839 sold
USA, paper ephemera sold 
USA, 5ยข stamped envelope, 1899
USA, 1920s sales catalogs of De Moulin Bros., uniform manufacturers: Odd Fellows, burlesque, band
USA, baseball cards, including an early off-brand Mark McGwire sold
USA, old 78 rpm records in Russian, Ukrainian, & Yiddish
USA, 1893 World Columbian Exhibition, Chicago, commemorative teaspoons
USA, lithograph, c. 1900, by Charles Adams Blatt 1861-1933 sold
USA,  American Brewers Historical Collection can #3 "Benedictine Society" sold

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