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This background is supposed to be the color of money...
    In this section you'll find things involved with money that aren't coins and banknotes.
    Everything is theoretically collectible by virtue of its age, beauty, or just plain unusualness.  Most of it is paper, but there may eventually be some plastic cards and so forth.

Introduction to fiscalia collecting
Introduction to bonds and shares
Personal opinions regarding the collection of phonecards, etc.
Fiscalia inventory

BELGIAN CONGO, gold mine share certificate sold
BRITISH NORTH AMERICA, colonial receipts, around 1760
CHINA, bond certificates
CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA, bond coupons, dates in 1860s
CZECHOSLOVAKIA, ornate lottery ticket sold
GERMANY, receipts, coupons, etc.
NAZI OCCUPATION OF BALTIC, ration coupon for iron sold
GREECE, Zagora Agricultural Cooperative Association bond missing
INDIA, Government Savings certificates
IRELAND, 1851 promissory note sold
PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY, postage stamps sold
POLAND, Judenrat in Debica (Karkow district), commodity ration card for  Jew, June 1943 sold
RUSSIA, bonds sold
RUSSIA, shares sold
USA, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, promissory notes of 1804
USA, checks
USA, dog pound receipt, New York, 1850s
USA, share certificates (i.e. "stocks")
USA, municipal & other warrants
USA, prison chits & tokens
USA, commercial coupons & chits
USA, World War II era ration material

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