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All books in English unless mentioned


210218 2170 COINAGE OF SYBARIS AFTER 510 BC, by Kraay, softcover, unused $4.00

210218 2171 SYLLOGE NUMORUM GRAECORUM - ANS, Part 6, Palestine - South Arabia, 1981, large size, hard cover, $50.00

210218 2172 SYLLOGE NUMORUM ARABICORUM - TÜBINGEN, by Lutz Ilisch, PALÄSTINA, IV a Bilad Ash-Sham I, large size, soft cover, spine repaired with tape, otherwise VF $50.00

210218 2187 OLD COINS OF CHINA, by Jorgensen, SC. 20pp. softcover, unused $4.00

210218 2236 COLLECTING WORLD COINS, 8th edition, by Chester Krause, Clifford Mishler, Colin Bruce, 1999, softcover, slightly used $1.00

210218 2249 ASTROLABE JOURNAL OF THE MEL FISHER MARITIME HERITAGE SOCIETY, 1983-88 5 different issues, softcover, slightly used $5.00

210218 2288 TRUNK-LINE TOKENS WHICH HAD AND HAVE CIRCULATION OF THE TERRITORY OF THE EX-USSR, by Kozhara, 1998, telephone, softcover, unused $5.00

210218 2297 LEGION CONDOR, UNIFORMS, ORGANIZATION AND HISTORY, by Bender, 1992 a collecting guide/catalog, heavily illustrated, hardcover, Amazon offers $100+, unused $35.00


210218 2317 PROJECT SEGOVIA 92 NEWSLETTER, 1990s the project was to restore the antique Segovia mint, 2 different, slightly used $5.00

210218 2314 ENJOYING ANTIQUITIES: AN INVESTMENT GUIDE, 1993, all Chinese, color photos of various types of antiques, softcover, unused $1.00

230204 4494 NI BULLETIN lot, various all different dates 2012-2021, 42 pieces, near perfect $20.00

230204 4495 BRITISH ROYAL MINT REPORT, 1930, with index 1910-29, softcover, used, binding repaired with tape, F $30.00

230204 4496 BRITISH ROYAL MINT REPORT, 1933, softcover, used, binding repaired with tape, VF $10.00

230204 4499 COINS OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, anon., has line drawn portraits of each Emp. & relative known to have appeared on coins. softcover, unused $4.00

230204 4503 COPPER COINS OF THE MUHAMMADAN STATES, by Valentine, NI reprint, hardcover, unused $15.00

230204 4504 A GUIDE BOOK OF UNITED STATES COINS, by Yeoman, 1992 hardcover, AU $3.00

230204 4505 A GUIDE BOOK OF UNITED STATES COINS, by Yeoman, 1996 softcover, AU $3.00

230204 4506 COINS OF CANADA, THIRD EDITION, by Haxby & Willey, 1977 softcover, used, XF $1.00

230204 4509 NASCA Auction catalog lot: CRISWELL/STANLEY GIBBONS PART IV, Apr. 1982, another banknote auction, also a coins & medals auction, 3 pieces, softcover, XF $5.00

230204 4510 A GUIDE TO BRITISH MILITARY TOKENS, by John F. Yarwood, 1998, softcover, unused $15.00

230204 4513 GERMAN TOKENS PART I. GERMANY, by J.F. Schimmel, 1987, softcover, unused $10.00

230204 4516 DAS DEUTSCHE NOTGELD, KATALOG DAS WERTBESTAENDIGE NOTGELD (GOLDNOTGELD) 1923/1924, by Keller, ND (1975) crude photocopy, softcover, comb binding, may be an authorized reprint by publisher Battenberg, or maybe first editions, or not, I don't know, similar are available on the web. used, XF $75.00

230204 4517 PLANTATION TOKENS OF PUERTO RICO by Duilio Vaia, no illustrations, softcover, AU $30.00

230204 4520 THE MITAD TOKENS OF LATIN AMERICA, by James O. Sweeny and Prof. Enrique Bernal M., TAMS Journal 31:1(2), 1991, softcover, unused $10.00

230204 4521 METRO TOKENS WHICH HAD AND HAVE CIRCULATION OF THE TERRITORY OF THE EX-USSR, by Kozhara, 1998, softcover, unused $5.00

230204 4531 GYGES' MAGIC RING, by R. Tye, relates the appearance of coinage with the development of the concept of human rights, an important contribution in my opinion, $4.00

230204 4533 THE STAR COIN BOOK, 37th ed,, by Max B. Mehl, ND (1930s-40s) used, F $15.00

230204 4534 CURRENCY OF SPITSBERGEN, by Amundsen & Eldorsen, 1992, softcover, unused $50.00

230204 4535 STANDARD CATALOG OF CANADIAN COINS TOKENS & PAPER MONEY, 11th ed. 1963, by Charlton, hardcover, used $5.00

230204 4537 LIETUVOS DIDZIOSIOS KUNIGAIKSTYSTES NUMIZMATIKA, by Sajauskas and Kaubrys, Vilnius, 1993, this is a comprehensive catalog of Lithuanian coins from the beginning to 1706. Black and white photos of the main types, many enlarged, with exhaustive lists of legend varieties, 450 pages, soft cover, $65.00

230204 4544 SOMEONE INTERESTED IN ALL OF MY NI JOURNALS? Several decades of them.

230204 4545 MUTHMASSE ZUTHEILUNG DER REGENSBERGER GEMEINSCHTSMÜNZEN VON MITTE DES 11. BIS MITTE DES 13. JAHRHUNDERTS, by Wilhelm Schratz, 1890, Szego reprint, 1982, line drawings of denars, unused $5.00

230204 4550 PALEMBANG COINS, by Frank Robinson, pulls together a number of references, an advance, 20pp, softcover, unused $5.00

230204 4558 POLAND MEDALS & BADGES 1939-1945 $10.00

230204 4559 POLAND MEDALS & BADGES 1943-75 $10.00

230204 4561 LA GALERIE NUMISMATIQUE BOGDAN STAMBULIU AUCTION VI, London, 2005, about 1000 lots of high quality military medals of the world, looks like all with color photos, this is a serious medal collection, lightly used, $150.00

230204 4527 RUSSIAN AND SOVIET MILITARY AWARDS, by Durov, bilingual introduction with nice pictures, slightly used $5.00

230204 4528 THE PHOENIX PROGRAM IN VIETNAM, Gary D Murtha, $26.00

230204 4568 VARIETIES OF METRO TOKENS OF EX-USSR COUNTRIES (Kozhara) & PLASTIC METRO CARDS (Syromiatnikov), 1997, softcover, unused $20.00

230204 4570 CASINO TOKENS OF MONTE CARLO, T. Day, SC. With author's autograph. 27pp. $50.00

230204 4571 SPENDEN-MEDAILLEN AUS PORZELLAN UND TON, by Karl Scheuch, 1966, slightly used $10.00

230204 4572 UTAH TRADE TOKENS, by H. Robert Campbell, 1998, autographed, numbered 33 of 50, dedicatedto a first name, unused $80.00

230204 4573 RUGGIERI'S INDEX TO TAMS-LISTED MAVERICK TOKENS, VOLUME I - ALPHABETICAL INDEX, 1986, 1988 SUPPLEMENT, and VOLUME II - NUMERICAL LISTING, several thousand tokens, no illustrations, 2 hole prong bound, used $20.00

230204 4574 VIDEO ARCADE, PINBALL, SLOT MACHINE, AND OTHER AMUSEMENT TOKENS OF NORTH AMERICA, by K.E. Smith and K.S. Smith, 1994, bound with 2-prong fastener, no covers, used $20.00

230204 4575 CAR WASH TOKENS OF NORTH AMERICA, SECOND EDITION, 2004 SUPPLEMENT, this is not the catalog, just a collection of supplements, about 20 pages, index, no illustrations, staple in upper left corner, first page detached from staple, used $4.00

230204 4577 VICTORIAN SOUVENIR MEDALS, by Daniel Fearon, 1986, a pamphlet about 19th century British white metal medals and medallets, plenty of black and white pictures, not a catalog, unused $3.00

230204 4579 JAMAICA FRUIT TALLIES, by Schimmel, 1988, 4 pages, unused $10.00

230204 4580 TABLE OF THE BEST-KNOWN TOKENS (VENEZUELA), by Tomas Stohr, 1965, 10 pages, some line drawings, unused $3.00

230204 4581 THE CLUB ORGANIZATIONAL HANDBOOK, by Canadian Numismatic Association, by Paul Johnson, 1986, 1986 ak, used $1.00

230204 4582 HANNA BARBERA'S WALLY GATOR GUESS WHO'S HIDING AT THE ZOO, Whitman, 1963, kid's book, illustrated by Mel Crawford (drew the Flintstones), lightly used $10.00

230204 4583 A MOVEABLE FEAST, by Ernest Hemmingway, first edition, 1964, hardcover, dust jacket is rough, the book is slightly used $250.00

240122 1157 FRUIT BOX LABELS A COLLECTOR'S GUIDE, by Gordon T. McClelland and Jay T. Last, 1983, unused $20.00

240122 1158 POLAND MILITARY MEDALS AND DECORATIONS The People'S Republic of Poland 1943-1975, by Martin Kolowski no date (1990s), unused $10.00

240122 1159 POLAND MILITARY MEDALS AND DECORATIONS The People'S Republic of Poland 1939-45, by Martin Kolowski no date (1990s), unused $10.00

240122 1160 BRYANT'S POETICAL WORKS, various dates, latest is 1878, published by D. Appleton, New York, 501pp, hardcover, gold edged, artistic cover, used, worn binding, tape residue inside, light water damage $20.00

240122 1161 SELECTIONS FROM AMERICAN AUTHORS, a Reading Book for School and Home, Franklin, Adams, Cooper, Longfellow edited by Samuel Eliot, Superintendent of Public Schools, Boston, published by Taintor Brothers, Merrill & Company, 1879, has engraved portrait of B. Franklin, inkstamps: property of the Brooklyn Board of Education 1886, used, worn binding, contents excellent $20.00

240122 1162 THE ROSE, by James Russell Lowell, with illustrations, published by James B. Osgood and Company, city not mentioned, 1878, hardcover, a slim volume, pages unnumbered, use, contents partially separated from cover $10.00

240122 1163 ERANOS Acta Philologica Suecana, ex Erani vol. 87, 1989, From the Phallic Cairn to Shepherd God and Divine Herald, by Apostolos Athanassakis, scholarly monograph, 49 pp, soft cover, unused $5.00

240122 1164 INDIAN JEWELRY OF THE PREHISTORIC SOUTHWEST, by Jerry D. Jacka and Nancy S. Hammack, University of Arizona Press, 1975, soft cover, a slim volume, many color photos, unnumbered pages, unused $100.00

240122 1166 KATALOG MONET S GORODITZA PENDZHIKENT, by O. I. Smirnova, Moscow 1963, hardcover, 172pp, 20 pp of pictures, Ancient and early medieval Central Asian numismatics, a catalog, lightly used $25.00

240122 1167 TOKEN COLLECTOR'S PAGES, by George and Melvin Fuld, Quarterman, Boston, 1971, hardcover, 250pp, illustrated, lightly used $25.00

240122 1168 MEDIEVAL COINS X THE THOMAS F. CLARKE COLLECTION, 1973, a price list with illustrations, unused $5.00

240122 1169 BUNER THE FORGOTTEN PART OF ANCIENT UDDIYANA, by Muhammad Habibullah Khan Khattak, Karachi, 1997, an historical and geographic introduction to a district of northwest Pakistan, 120pp, illustrated, soft cover, lightly used $10.00

240122 1170 JETONS III, CORPORATIONS LORRAINE, by Michel Prieur, 85pp, illustrations, soft cover, a price list by CGB, no date! (probably 1980s-90s), unused $5.00

240122 1173 ORDENA DONUGLYA I DONBASSTORGA, by V. P. STEMKIN, Donetsk, 1997, 16pp, illustrated, soft cover, describes some civil war era Ilocal notes, I think it's all Russian language, unused $5.00

240122 1174 THE LATER XIX. CENTURY FARTHING TOKENS OF IRELAND, by Henry C. Drury, MD, 1919, 1980s reprint, card cover, unused $10.00

240122 1175 HENEQUEN PLANTATION TOKENS OF THE YUCATAN PENINSULA MEXICO, by Elwin C. Leslie and A. F. Pradeau, OIN, 1972, illustrated with line drawings, 138pp, soft cover, unused $50.00

240122 1176 COINAGE OF THE ROMAN REPUBLIC, by Edward A. Sydenham, Sanford J. Durst, New York, 1976, 345pp, 29 plates, hard cover, lightly used $35.00

240122 1181 IMPERATORSKII ROSSIISKII ISTORICHESKII MUZEI … RUSSKIYA MONETI DO 1547 GOD, by A. D. Chertkov, Moscow, 1896 (1980s photocopy), 226pp, sparsely illistrated, and 233pp, with 21 plates of pictures, soft cover, all in Russian, describes, discusses, and lists coins before 1547, 2 volumes, lightly used $75.00

240122 1183 JOURNAL OF THE RUSSIAN NUMISMATIC SOCIETY, number range is 37-85, 1990-2008, 12 different, and NEWSLETTER OF THE RUSSIAN NUMISMATIC SOCIETY, number range 4-20, 1999-2007, 10 different, and Index 1979-84, 23 pieces in all, lightly used $40.00

240122 1184 ROBERT TYE EARLY WORLD COINS LIST S3, undated price list with ink drawn illustrations, no date, early 2000s, unused $5.00

240122 1185 JOURNAL OF THE ORDERS AND MEDALS SOCIETY OF AMERICA, June 1994, July 1994, December 1995, 3 pieces, unused $5.00


Bob Reis POB 26303 Raleigh NC 27611 USA
phone: (919) 787-0881 (8:30AM-10:30PM EST only please)
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