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Why bother - political activity
Widow's Mite - a story
Sensory exercises
Breathing exercises
Jalal's story - friend of mine got his house shot up by his own army for no good reason
FRACTID: A short game in the form of a psychological test
Haikus by me
Rhymes by Tom Thompson
A perspective on drugs and psychiatry by Louise Marquis
Yet another poem by me - 5/8/07
Drug legalization discussion
What its like
Old notes from the home page
Another new poem by me, 12/29/04
A new poem by ME! 8/16/04
Writings on Iraq policy before, during, after, and again during the war
Want to see what I look like?
The Wrong Preposition
Faith & Foolishness, Ruminations on Fundamentalism, 12/2/01 & later
Writings on the events of 9/11/01
Three Stupidities, 1/31/01
A poem by me!
Poetry by Erik Victor McCrea
On the Seattle Conference on the Multilateral Argeement on Investments, by Dennis Ferman, 10/6/99
On the Historico-cultural Justification of the Makah Whale Hunt, 5/18/99
More on Kosovo, 4/20/99
Questions on Kosovo, 3/30/99
Some thoughts following the resignation of the European Commission, and a Modest Proposal, 3/17/99
More opinions on USA Middle East policy, 3/17/99
Opinions on USA Iraq policy
My opinion on internet security
Global Warming: a very brief primer, 7/3/98
Moths Before Flames: brief commentary on Indian nuke test, 5/13/98
My Kids have been Visiting Adolt Sites, 5/23/98
Some Thoughts Re: the effect of the web on the collectible business, 5/30/98
A proposal

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