6/9/2007 - a response to something I wrote back in January


Bob, in your 1/2/07 post, you made some important points about hidden influences. These things have been going on from time immemorial. There have been manipulators and manipulatees, so to speak, but there have also been the manipulators' goons, and the elite goons have usually been mind control experts of one sort or another. Back in the day of the Assassins, the assassins were brainwashed with hash and promises of paradise or whatever. Today, psychiatric drugs are used to make rebels docile and troubled youth suggestible as assassins or terrorists.

Bin Laden's sidekick, al-Zawahiri, has psychiatry as one of his medical specialties, and is said to have Bin Laden on "anti-anxiety pills".

Hitler and Milosevic both underwent extensive psychiatric treatment  before they went on their "ethnic cleansing" rampages.

The USSR had a psychiatric rehab center/prison for dissidents in Siberia. The US government thought that was a keen idea, and tried to put something similar for us in Alaska. The "Siberia Bill" almost passed, but public pressure finally stopped it.

Before that, psychiatrists working for the CIA were discovered to have run nasty mind control experiments on unwitting US soldiers during WWII.

Now, the President's outrageously named "Freedom Commission on Mental Health" aims to subject all Americans to psychiatric screening and subsequent drugging. The latest gimmick is to call it "suicide prevention", although statistically, people are much more likely to attempt suicide if they DO take antidepressants.

Almost all of the maniacal shooters in US schools in recent years were on psychiatric drugs. Before psychiatric treatment, they may have been troubled, but they were not violent. And yet Teen Screen, the program to subject all teens to psychiatric screening and put them on dangerous and addictive drugs, is promoted as a panacea for troubled youth. Learn more about Teen Screen and sign a petition to stop it here: http://www.petitiononline.com/TScreen/petition.html

Other programs and bills are targeting veterans, elderly, and every other segment of the population. It's easy to see these programs as money grabs by psychiatrists and drug companies, and they are. But they are also political. It sounds like a cheesy sci-fi movie, but people in power and the general populace are being manipulated with psychiatric drugs, and in the process, many lives are being ruined.

Don't let this happen, folks. Just say no.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights has been at the forefront of researching and exposing psychiatric abuses. Learn more about this here: www.cchr.org. CCHR was founded in 1968 by maverick psychiatrist Thomas Szasz along with the Church of Scientology.

Spiritual travail should be addressed spiritually, whether that means consulting a Rabbi, Priest, Minister, Guru, Scientologist or applying "The Secret" - whatever floats one's non-corporeal boat. But, while I soundly reject the psychiatric claim that bad moods and misbehaviors are caused by unproveable brain chemical imbalances, I can't deny that such phenomena are sometimes related to biochemistry; anyone who has ever had or witnessed PMS knows that! But if the cause is hormones (or blood sugar, or whatever), the cure is to address THAT, not to take an antidepressant or tranquilizer which will cause other problems without handling the hormones etc. Safer alternatives for addressing such phenomena can be found here: http://www.alternativementalhealth.com/.

For more info about the effects of psychiatric drugs see: www.drugsandyourmind.com.

In the interest of mental freedom,
Louise Marquis

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