Sensory Exercises

1) From exactly where you are at that moment, without doing anything special, ask the following questions:
1. What is in front of me?
2. What is on my leftt?
3. What is behind me?
4. What is on my right?
5. What is below me?
6. What is above me?

Repeat at least 100 times in various situations.

2) Exercise 1 + make modifications such as:
-change order of directions
-make special preparations of various kinds: sit down, eyes closed, swimming, in a crowd, eat first, etc. - anything

~100 reps with any given modification to figure out what it does

3) Exercise 1/2 + add a scan by the classic senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight.  "What do I smell on my left?"  Etc,

1000 reps to get the idea, 10,000 to get good.

4) If 3 people write me and demonstrate by what they write that they have done the basic exercise 1000 times I will continue to describe more exercises.