take a deep breath and
engage in small talk

Lovely weather
Spectacular view
So how’s it going?
Aren’t these peaches delicious?

Indeed they are.

Down on the lawn
the grass plants are fighting with each other
“Move over!” says one.
“Die” says another.
They are strangling each other’s roots
and they will all die
while the dry strawberries advance
their rhizomes or whatever they’re called
through the thickening thatch
planting colony crowns
in the midst of the developing grass cemetary
we are pleased to think of as
Our lawn.

You watching the Olympics?

The noise of the infinitude of galaxies
The noise of the rain of neutrinos
The noise of Hawking’s virtual particle pairs
one dying while the other emerges into “being”
as matter
too loud for me me me me me
to ignore

That is why
keep dropping the conversational ball

Sorry about that