I've been working on this for a couple of years.  Another way for me to utilize my decades of messing around with coins.  I want you to join my club for $25.00 per year.  Your subscription will get you access to the following services:

1. Market research - I'll find out what I think about the deal you are about to do and will give you my opinion.  Priced as follows: $5 per day for first 3 items researched, $5 per item thereafter.
2. Search service.  Per item: $5.00 for a web search up to 10 minutes, $10 for extended web search, $20 for up to 10 emails or phone calls, $1.50 per thereafter.  (because the longer I take doing this kind of thing the less likely it is findable).
3. Attributions, grading, authentication at half price: that is $1.25, $2.50, $2.50 respectively.
4. At some point there will be a large numismatic database on line supported by a self-improving search function.  There will be basic and enhanced access.  You will have enhanced access, whatever that will turn out to mean, but it will be tasty.

As always with everything I try to do, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Come one, come all.  Send me your dues payment today.  Paypal or credit card.  Email me - to get started.

Market research
Attribution, authentication, appraisal

Bob Reis
POB 26303
Raleigh NC 27611USA
phone: (919) 787-0881
(8:30AM-10:30PM EST only please)
fax: (888) 503-8308
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