I find that I have been getting a lot of "What's it worth" and "What should I pay for it" questions.  Looks like a business opportunity to me.  I will be happy to give you my opinion of whether you should buy the thing you're looking at.  Cost of the phone conversation or whatever the medium, and my research, will be $5.00 per incident and 3 or fewer items plus $5.00 per item for more than 3.  QUick websearch &/or consultation of catalogs.  Email or phone call.  You will be able to catch me most weekends during my normal business hours (8:30 AM - 10:30 PM), will send out emails if I'll be unavailable

It will be like this one that just happened:
    "Hi.  I'm looking at a French gold 50 francs 1858-A NGC-62 but nicer than that.  Should I pay $550 for it?
    I go online for few minutes.  Call him back.
    "It's the most common date of the type, there are dozens of them on the web, you should consider it a piece of choice bullion."
    And so he did.  Saved him from spending $50 he would have regretted spending.  Of course things could change tomorrow...

I would charge him $5.00 for telling him that under this new scheme.  Kind of like numismatic tech support.

This service will be available only through the subscription service that I am inaugurating immediately.  Click this link to get the terms.

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phone: (919) 787-0881
(8:30AM-10:30PM EST only please)
fax: (888) 503-8308
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