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6/2/08 - because of the unusual situations with both the bullion markets and the USA dollar exchange rate everything (11/16/2008) you should consider ALL of my posted prices to be provisional.  There may be changes in any category.  This notice will be posted on a few other pages but not all.  But this is your official notice. (Renewed 1/4/2010 - this is what low level chaos feels like.)  (6/8/2010 chaos continues to build.  Think before you act.  Think before you think.  Observe before that.  Remember to breathe.) 10/21/2010 so here we are living history.  How long has this crisis been going on?  3 years?  11?  40?  65?
This aviso renewed again 4/10/2011.  It hasn't been this eventful since the 60s.  And again 10/6/2011.  5 years of financial crisis.
And again 2/26/2012.  And of course 8/3/2012.  May 26 2013: gold & silver were up, now they're down, there are still prices in my coins inventories that are too low, but probably also some that are too high.  I update this notice occasionally, and do so again 7/4/2014.  Over time the situation remains volatile.  At the moment raw numbers are down.
4/29/2016 So we see we have been living in an unsettled situation for over 15 years now.  Interesting times.
12/21/2016 And the unsettled conditions have continued, have become, as it were, normal.
1/15/2018 It is amusing to read this, is it not?  Every year is stranger than the one before it.

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Because someone reminded me that web pages are noticed by the robots when they are updated.  Do any of you have any opinions on monetizing of this site?  Should I take ads?  Should I open up a real subscription service with a yearly membership to "privileges"?  Should I open an ebay or amazon or v-coins operation?  Opinions please.
Big changes coming.  Not exactly sure what they will be.  So look then, at this if you're new to the site.  Here's the thing: get on the email announcement list.  That's where the discounts and the special offers happen.  There is a 10% discount on some categories going on until 1/31/18.  You have to be on the contact list to find out about that stuff.  So get on the email announcement list and read them when they arrive.  There won't be too many.

1. WHAT I FIND MYSELF SAYING LATELY is that business is down.  I compared Greysheet prices from 8 months ago.  They think so too.  Just eyeballing, no stats, looks like 20% down on the prices, more or less.  Accordingly: price cuts.  This decline has been going on for 2 years, the, uh, 4th such I've been through in my life in coins.  This time I wonder if its the final slump, that in terms of coin collecting the whole world might turn into Netherlands, or Mali.  Are there any collectors at all in Mali?  I don't know.  Netherlands is a country notorious for lack of vibrant and active numismatic market.  Kids these days, they ain't into, you know, things, by which I mean stuff.
2. LOOKS LIKE I'll break even on the Europe trip.  Eventually.  Profit margins.  That's the way it is these days.  Everybody knows everything.  One imagines/hopes that professional to professional this professional will see something that the other professional has missed or doesn't care about.  In real life usually that's not there.  The 20% courtesy discount leaves a 10% markup to pay for the trip costs.
3.MY CHARITABLE contributions down this year too.  I find myself thinking about Barbuda: who's looking out for them?  Where do I make my token contribution?  But you know, Syria still, logging in the Amazon, etc.  I'm still doing electoral politics.  Municipal elections in this "off" year.  Most All of the candidates are at least 51% imperfect.  The specific things I mean people who are bottlenecking the efficiency of my party organization are still in place doing their usual inefficient things.  But he persevered.  Something he did because it made him feel good, as if that was what he really wanted to do.
4. And this nice Chinese stuff from western collections that has come my way.  And a client/friend dies.  (My) life full of everything.
5. And I have an update on the competence of the Democratic Party on any level, including the county party.  No.  Act not together.  Hopes for new executives not fulfilled.  Situation normal.

ABOUT EUROPE: I found more than a few dealers had gone out of business.  I visited a second string auction house that flogged high priced grade B material & got high prices while never describing cleaned or damaged material.  Several dealers whose public business was buying only, they put the good stuff in auctions, move on the rest to favored buyers, nothing to show me.  Several dealers were internet only.  A fundamental change in the dominant business model.  I found 3 old style shops out of 12 where I could look at coins, where negotiation was possible, where professional courtesy was extended.  Lot of modern stuff, lot of high prices.  Made we want to think about doing something else.
 Stamps are probably bigger than coins there.  Picture postcards are a major collectible field, at least half of the buyers and sellers are women.
 Solar and wind everywhere in Germany.  Trains.  Even the fast food is good.  European coffee is the equivalent of American espresso.
 Someone wanted a Napoleon 40 francs but didn't have the money so I didn't get one.  They are common in France, a lot cheaper than you were thinking.  Let me know when you're ready.  I have some contacts now.  Maybe I'll go back some time.
More on this

1. I'M JUST WATCHING the national political scene.  The incompetence is impressive.  Local organizing is going well.  Will the DNC get its act together?  Can't tell.  Can't tell about the state party either.  But the county party seems OK or OK-ish.
2. IF SOMEONE DOES THAT HANDSHAKE THING you just slide to your left a bit, pivot to face the bully from their right side, put your left hand on the base of their right hand by the wrist, push a bit to extend the bully's right wrist.  It will hurt, the bully will be surprised, will probably stop the bullying.  If not, raise your hands and shift to point the bully's fingers down, making sure you maintain the extension of bully's wrist.  The situation will have changed.  Strength is not required.  Its all angles.  Be sure to smile.
3. LOOKS LIKE I'm going to Switzerland, Germany, France in later April on a coin buying trip.  Anyone there who might want  to meet with me get in touch, see what can be done.  Anyone wants me to look for things for them let me know.
4.STAGNATION in the bullion market has bled into the coin market and has reduced margins, making less motivated dealers find something else to do.  There is opportunity for people who still like the round flat shiny things.  Want $20 gold coins Unc, low markup?  Ask me.
5. YOU KNOW that the major grading services ignore edge nicks, right?  Comment applies to coins and banknotes.

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Thanks for any comments and I will post them if you want me to.  I don’t write to convince anyone of anything.  I write for 3 reasons: 1) to figure out what I actually do think, 2) to see what the responses (if any) are, 3) to demonstrate the uses of the first amendment of the USA constitution.  I think the first amendment is possibly the most important contribution to human affairs of the entire American venture.
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