Russian paper money started in the late 18th century.  Pretty much everything before 1899 is rare.  During the civil war period there were a lot of local notes issued, additional special issues here and there during Soviet times, and from 1989-1992 or so a lot more local issues were made.  There is a set of catalogs written by Ryabachenko.  More than 15,0000 notes listed.

RUSSIA, 100 rubli P5c 1898 Konshin-Ivanov sigs., nice VG+ $105.00 sold
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RUSSIA, SIBERIA, PRG (Kolchak), 200 rubli P-S885A 1917 bond header, green, AU $55.00 sold 5/1/2009
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RUSSIA, Askhabad State Bank, overstamped Russian Military Loans of 1916 used as currency in 1917, Pick-unlisted, find them in Ryabachenko.
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-37.50 rubli R-22714, AU $7.50 sold
-50 rubli R-22731, aVF $15.00 sold
-100 rubli  R-22732, VG $12.00 sold
-500 rubli  R-22733, small edge tear, VF $12.00 sold

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