Introduction to German notgeld, by Jim Ray
    I usually have some cheap notgeld in stock, and from time to time I have large batches.  Of course on a page like this I will only display the "good stuff."  Look here Pick-unlisted local, emergency, notgeld, etc. for other cheaper ones, or ask me, maybe there'll be something new.

GERMANY,  ALTRAHLSTEDT, 2, 5, 10, 25 mark,  ~L-30, 25.10.1923, boat, angels, overprint, 4 pcs, VF-XF $24.00 sold
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GERMANY, HEIDGRABEN, 75 pfennig, L571.2, 31.1.1922, giant flowers, AU-Unc $110.00 sold 11/17/2011
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GERMANY,  HOCKENSBÜLL, 6x50 pfennig  L-596,II, IV, undated, story of a seduction, 6 pcs, AU-Unc $65.00 sold
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GERMANY, BUER, 3 billion (3 trillion!) mark 25.10.1923 AU-Unc $90.00
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