DINOSAUR TEETH, late Cretaceous, c. 90-65 million BC, from Taouz, Morocco

Spinosaurid, the spinosaurs are a recently discovered complex.  Big meat eaters, crocodile-like skulls, tyrannosaur-like bodies, possible sail structure on their backs.  Spinosaur teeth resemble tyrannosaurid teeth, could be either genus, fairly common at the moment.

B1) 52mm,  worn, broken base, $40.00 sold

B2) 55mm, worn, decent base, $52.00 sold

B3-5 55-65mm, repaired @ $20.00 each sold

A1. tyrannosaurid, nice 3 inch tooth.  Too bad it's repaired, so instead of $180, it's only $55.00 sold
A2. Spinosaur, big one, weathered, $50.00 sold
A3-A8. Spinosaur, good size with various problems.  The side you see is worse than the other. Any of these @ $45.00 each #A5, A6, A7 & A8 sold
A9. Spinosaur, repaired, $24.00sold
A10. Mososaur, weathered, $35.00

1. Brachiosaurid, weathered but complete, $40.00 sold
2. Brachiosaurid, deformed by geological pressure?, tip missing $28.00
3-8. Spinosaur, these are smallish as you can see.  Reasonably intact specimens, some with slight imperfections, use wear at the tip, good base structure, @ $40.00  #6 sold
9. Spinosaur, bigger, slight chip at tip $42.00
10-13. Mososaur, sea monster with fins, not legs.  Weathered, intact @ $28.00 #10, 12, 13 sold
14-23. Spinosaur, larger, but chipped @ $23.00 #18, 23 sold
24-44. Spinosaur, smaller, chipped, a few repaired @ $20.00 #28, 43 sold
45-60. Spinosaur, more chipped @ $15.00 57 sold

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