Around the middle of the 19th century preprinted personal checks began to become popular in England and the USA, and by the 1860s their use became widespread.  Personal checks from that period on are fairly easy to come by, and are extremely cheap compared with contemporary banknotes.  Some, though by no means all, have nice artistic vignettes, and many of them carry documentary tax stamps.  Unfortunately, a lot of them were cancelled by cuts, punches, or even tears.  Checks of this period were
often turned ad hoc into promissory notes, much as we will occasionally post-date checks today.
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I think I'll use this page just for checks from the USA.  I have a few hundred from other countries.  I am finding that sorting my offerings by country seems to be congenial for everyone so when I get around to posting checks (cheques) from other countries I'll make other pages.  OK?  OK.

231-53. NEW YORK, Ilion, Ilion B., various dates, various vignettes, various colors, most are cut cancelled:
a) dates in 1850s, VF 8.00
b) similar, XF 12.00
c) similar, dates in 1860s, VF 6.50
c) similar, XF 10.50
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**These from a hoard recently put on the market.  Excellent opportunity to get early checks at reasonable price.  I have other vignettes, for which please ask.

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