USA, World War II fiscalia

1. Ration documents
    Shortly after the start of "the" war the government took dibs on every commodity and production process and issued use quotas for private use of anything it decided was strategic.  Oversight bureaucracies were set up and documents were issued to potential users.  In the ration collectibles series the fiber "points," used as small change are the most common, while special privilege items such as ambulance tire coupons, are very rare.

UR1) USA, World War II era ration book, with stamps inside, some missing. This one F, $10.00
I have several more, various conditions.  Ask me.
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UR2) USA, World War II, mileage ration stamps, XF-Unc $2.50, 10 pcs mixed $9.00
I have several different, same price, also strips and sheets
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UR3) USA, World War II "red point" ration token.  Red fiber chits were for meat & fat.  There are several rare series letter pairs.  Blue points were for canned, bottled, dried and frozen foods.  These were saved in little folders, which, when full, were exchanged for goods.  Today the blue points are much scarcer than reds.  Is that because there was a meat shortage and they didn't get spent?  Several in stock, none rare, VF @ $0.50 each
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UR4) USA, Brown & WIlliamson Tobacco Co., merchandise coupon, redeemable until 31.8.1944.  This ties in to the ration scheme because tobacco was rationed.  On the back it mentions that the coupons could be redeemed for defense stamps.  There is a scraped strip on each piece from where it was glued to the cigarette pack. Unc $1.00, 10 pcs $5.00, 100 pcs $22.00
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Picture is generic.  You will NOT get that piece.

2. Defense savings
USA,Defense Savings Bond Stamp Album, 10 cent, no date (1942-45), 159x76mm, buy the stamps until full then trade for a bond, unused, AU-Unc $3.00
-similar, 25 cent, unused, AU-Unc $3.00

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