Its like all your life you think you need to make a choice between blue pants and gray pants but no one ever showed you
how to use the zipper, then someone tells you about the zipper but you don't see the point, then you figure out the point,
which is what the garden of Eden quip from God: "Who told you you're naked?" is about, then you want to figure out how
to use the zipper but it turns out to be harder than you thought because you can't find your hands and you keep getting
distracted, then you find your hands but they don't work the way you had hoped, many years of practice you figure out
the zipper, then someone tells you about velcro.  Meanwhile there are people out there who are still telling you that its
blue and gray that matter.  Some are only blue, some are only gray, they say the other side is stupid and wrong.  The
ones in the middle think the onlies are extremists.  The ones at the ends think the middlers are wishywashy.  But there
are people walking around with their pants zipped, some velcroed, while the blue and gray fanatics are murdering each
other and the middlers are wringing their hands.

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