"Can you send me pictures of..."

And I say "Sure" and mostly its just fine, no problem at all.

But, 2 things:
1. Asking for "a lot" of pictures
2. Asking for pictures of cheap stuff

Because it takes time to process the pictures.  It is not just, "Oh, I'll just shoot a few pics."  It is find the things, arrange them on the plate, scan them, some editing of the file.

Usually I take the pics and send them, thankyou for your interest.  But I continue to "feel" over the years that I need formal limits to address things 1 and 2 above.

So: picture taking policies:
1. Please ask for a maximum of 20 pictures at a time, then make your decision on them, and only then ask for more.  If you ask for 20 pics and tell me no thanks, and ask for more, and no thanks, I'll start to get, you know, and maybe eventually tell you "That's enough."
2. If you want pictures of items priced below $5.00 please put $1.00 per picture in my paypal account, I'll credit it back to you if you buy and keep the item.