Here are details of people who have ripped me off in various ways.  I have been told by others in my field that I should refrain from publishing addresses for fear of litigation.  Well, I welcome correspondence from the attorneys of these people.  You get on this list by not paying a debt for a LONG time, lying about same, never responding to multiple queries, dieing and your heirs choose to ignore the debt, or actually committing an actual crime.  You will not get on this list for being a month late.  You get off this list by fixing the problem, which usually means paying a debt that you chose to incur with me.

8. Wayne Van Gelder POB 545 Painted Post NY 14870
$192.50 since 1/9/2011.  There was correspondence and phone calls for a while, he usually had his wife call.  Once he had her try to get more stuff out of me.  He was going to pay it all off by June 2012.

7. Michael Pechachek - formerly (?) proprietor of Phoenix Historical Sales, a brick & mortar antiquities & militaria operation in Arizona.  Everything fine for a while, then problems.  Possibly he's just having a hard time, but he chose to go silent, never answered his phone, closed his email address, ignored numerous attempts to contact him.  That is the wrong approach.  Current balance $657.61.  Michael Pechacek, Phoenix Historical Sales 3734 W. Banff Ln Phoenix AZ 85053, (602) 978-1759.  Posted 1/2/2006
9/19/2007 - Nasty, abusive, threatening phone call from him denying the debt, promising to sue.  Followed by a similar pair of emails.  No action since.
3/5/2013 Last year I started getting bankruptcy notices from a lawyer about him.  There was eventually a judgement, there was going to be a disbursement.  He did not appear for his final hearing and the case was dismissed.

6. Resolved.

5. Slav Sharapov - ordered several times in good form, the last one, for $108.75, unpaid since 5/4/2005.  Numerous queries, and, latterly, warnings, went unanswered.  In short, the usual story.  Slav Sharapov P.O. Box 280 Scotland CT 06264.  Posted 7/27/2005.

4. Resolved.

3. Richard Buchko - click to see the voluminous record of this case.  Evidently he is under threat of indictment at the moment (2004), and has been making small payments to me at irregular intervals.  Posted 1/14/02.  His latest excuse is a fire at home.  In 6/2005 he wrote me a note without return address blaming this posting for the breakup of his marriage.  Current whereabouts: possibly somewhere on the west coast of USA.
3/2007 - got short series of letters from him offering to repay, asking that this writeup be removed, I had ruined his life, breakup of his marriage again mentioned, many jobs not acquired, etc.  I responded that we could discuss removal after the payments began.  They never did.  About 2 years previously his sister asked me to remove the link because of the shame to the family and I did.  Now I have put it back (9/2007).
7/7/2009 - He sent me a PO money order for $10.00 and a letter asking me to take down the post for 30 days, "You would not regret doing so and it would result in a lot of good."
    Last week I got 2 emails from people who had been in contact with him.  One was disdraught, had been negotiating a transaction with him.
    With his $10.00 payment he now owes me $270.46 (no interest applied) on a debt that has been outstanding for about 5 years.
    Address on his letter is 109 Fifth St #1 Calumet MI 49913.
1/11/2010 Someone called to get a reference on RB.  Buchko is apparently offering cut rate editorial services or something like that.  Inquirer asked him if he was cool with me, this page having come up in google.  Buchko claimed that he and I are settled.  That is not true.  He still owes me the money.
3/5/2013 Every year or so I get a message from someone whom he has scammed or was going to scam but they googled him and get this page.

2. Zeki Gokalp - offered banknotes for sale.  I sent money, he sent nothing.  Apologized, said he would, never did, now he does not answer.  Araþ. Gör.  Zeki GÖKALP, Ankara Universitesi Ziraat Fakültesi, Tarimsal Yapilar ve Sulama Bölümü, 06110  Diskapi/ANKARA, TURKEY,  He owes me $100.00.  Posted 5/3/04.
Early 2007 - sent short email apologizing "don't ask why" and advising me to expect a package in recompense "shortly."  Nothing happened after that.

1. Gary Guo - ordered and paid for some banknotes, developed an approval relationship, then made a larger order, then sent a letter explaining that he had moved.  New address does not exist.  He owes me $535.25.  Former address: Gary Guo 348C West Main St Conneaut OH 44030.  Posted 5/3/04.


Udo Meinhardt Sieringstr 54 App 202 65929 FaM GERMANY
owes $74.95 since 4/3/97

Eddie Kowalczyk POB 172 Pebble Beach CA 93953
(A dead address, rumored to be living in Clearwater, FL a few years ago.)
owes $315.00 since 10/7/96

Scott Benkel 7040 W Palmetto Park Rd #4 ste 192 Boca Raton FL 33433
owes $162.50 since 1/6/98

Alex Adams, St. Louis MO
Refused to return a $700.00 deposit on a purchase I made that didn't work out.  Basically a theft.

James Griffiths 18 Hawthorne Tr Cranberry Lake Andover NJ 07821-3015
owes $47.20 since 5/20/98

Anne Simmons 337 Carter St Vallejo CA 94590
owes $15.00 since 9/3/98
I wouldn't bother except that she specifically asked for the amber that I sent her.

Don Anthony 1095 Castle Rock Rd Pittsboro NC 27312
owes $70.50 since 9/2/99

M H Moore LA 70652
owes $1492.00 since 12/27/99
Was sick, old addresses no longer receiving mail.  Deceased?

Neil Rowland POB 78142 Greensboro NC 27427
owes $72.52 since 1/22/00

Jean Elsen, Ave de Tervueren, 66 1040 Bruxelles
Yes, this is the big shot Belgian dealer.  Ordered a Chinese coin for $14.00, invoiced 4/28/00.  Never paid, never responded to my numerous queries over the years.  A class act.

Lucien Birkler
Another world class dealer owes me about $26.00 for at least 16 years and not worth his time and trouble to settle it.

Mildred Caban Quinones HC 05 Box 35580 San Sebastian PR 00685
$83.75 since 5/1/01

John McCarrey 17218 Fawn Crossing San Antonio TX 78248
$9.25 since 9/20/01.
    In July of 2005 I received an email from a guy claiming to be his son.  In it he insinuated that the debt might not be real, chided me for not contacting about it, told me to lighten up and (paraphrasing) to get a life.  I wrote back, as is my habit, including the original invoice, and advised that I had sent inquiries 4 times in 2001.  I further discussed the varieties of behavior of decendents and executors when faced with a debt of a dearly departed, just in case that was this situation in this case.  I concluded by offering him the opportunity to do the right thing.  He has not responded in any way.  Out of tender feelings for his lack of experience in life I withhold his name.

There are more, and now that I've made this page I'll add to the list as they turn up on the desk.  My fraud rate is very low - less than 1% per year of transactions, but, but, but - they do occur, and I see no reason not to talk about the perps.

and here is a special category of jerk: a website jerk.  Unbelievable.  What's next?  Identity theft packages?
2007 comment - yes, identity theft packages, low cost or free.  Seek and ye shall find.  I went to the site mentioned in above link recently and it immediately tried to install something blocked by my blocking software.

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