There are about 2000 people living there, most involved in raising sheep.
They don't have much to spend their money on, so when you look at mintages of
100,000 for the 1977 50 pence you have to figure that about 95% were made to
sell to us collectors.  We don't seem to care.  We buy up all the Falklands coins
and they become hard to find soon after issue.
It seems to me that every single coin they've come out with since they
began in 1974 has been briefly on the market.  This includes the circulation
minors whose acquisition has to be finagled by wholesalers as well as the
commemoratives sold by the royal mint.  "Briefly" is the operative word.  All of
them sell out and then you can't get any more.  None of the minors ever show up
in poundage.  In fact, they never show up circulated.  And the only reason some
of the commemorativess stay in inventory is because they're priced too high.
Easiest coins to find are the crown sized copper-nickel 50 pence of 1977,
'80, '81, 82, and '85.  There may be some wholesale stock of 1, 2, 5, and 20
pence.  As far as I know wholesale inventories of other coins are exhausted.
Even so, I suspect it's possible to assemble a complete a set in a reasonable
time, except for the gold OMS versions of some of the coins.  But those things
form a specialized market niche which I have always lacked the capital to