The last I heard there was a war on there.  I remember the persons of the
USA-French backed "legitimate" government had just been chased out of the capital
Ndajmena by the Libyan backed "insurgents" who also happened to be the previous
governing persons.  That would mean "we" lost if one looked at these things in terms of
"we" and "they."  Right?  Haven't heard that the war was over yet.
 Anyway, I was at a show once and a guy walked up and told me he had been in
the French foreign legion in Tschad and had a bag full of the 100 franc coins.  As you are
no doubt aware Tschad is one of the classic tough countries for the "one of each country"
collectors, so I was interested.  Unfortunately, the story remained only a story, and I did
not acquire a bag of these hard to get coins.  The higher SCWC prices of the last five
years have brought a few out of hiding, but supply does not satisfy the demand.  I'd say
they are ten times as common now as they were ten years ago, which means you might
find a few in a given year.  I don't think any of the dates are any more common than any
others.  They exist both circulated and uncirculated.  The guy assured me that they were
circulating in Tschad and that there were plenty around in the capital.
 There is also the 1985 500 francs coin of the standard woman's head « left type of
the Central African States.  The sister emissions of Congo and Cameroun have been on
the market, but Tschad has not yet shown up.
 Regarding the commemorative silver and gold coins these can be neatly divided
into "Kennedys" and "non-Kennedys."  The Kennedy coins are never available.  At least I
never see them.  I've heard stories.  Usually they involve a Japanese or European owner
unknown personally by the talespinner.  I think there are people out there who would pay
$1000.00 for the JFK coin, but I don't suppose the owners care.
 The other silver coins are just as rare as the Kennedys, which is to say they're
simply not around.  I have seen the gold coins, once in a set (Swiss dealer, 1987) and a
stray Lamy 1000 franc.  The de Gaulle 10,000 francs shows up from time to time as a
bronze essaie.