WHAT ARE THESE?  Click images for enlargements.  You may make offers if you want.

??Does anyone know anything about Afghan military medals??

ASSAM, Gaurinatha Simha, 1780-95,  1/2 rupee please - someone tell me if that's a number bottom obv. and what it is, or else what? answer: mere ornaments.  Thanks.
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ANYONE KNOW WHAT THIS IS?  8mm, 0.8g, silver, obverse may be a panther scalp & skin, rev. a scorpion.
A correspondent writes: Samos.  Comments? Caria, Mylasa 450-400 BC hemiobol lion facing / scorpion, COP379.  Thanks.
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HOW ABOUT THIS ONE?  13mm, 1.6g, silver, someone identified it for me once and I found it in Sear, then I lost the attribution and couldn't find it in the book!  KNIDOS in Crete.  Thankyou!
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WHAT IS THIS?  Came tagged as "Eryx" but no reference.  10mm.  Comments?  Indeed it is Eryx, c. 250-200 BC, Calciati 16-23 series.
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WHAT IS THIS?  Confirmed: ZEUGITANIA, Utica. Circa 2nd Century BC. Æ 29mm (15.17 gm). Jugate heads of the Dioscuri laureate, right; a star above each (stars and laurel wreaths not discernable on this specimen) / Two horses walking right; above Punic TG. SNG Copenhagen 428, Mueller II, 341.
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Yes.  Red Cross medal.  Thanks.
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BELGIUM - Catholic Boy Scouts.  Someone give me a time frame?  Looks 1920s-30s to me.


Apollonia Pontica diobol, possible fake?

Indian mystery silver

animal coppers from Pakistan item on left is Derajat

"T" countermark on British Halfpenny

Indian Native States paisa and rupee both identified

Lead coin from India.  I think it's unpublished Tranquebar

Ghaznavid jital, what mint?

brass medieval-looking coinlike thing from Pakistan

lead coin-thing in ancient style from Middle East

WWI POW Token?

c/m cob        c/m Brit d                   c/m Spanish colonial

c/m French


tiny medieval European AR identified

    Islamic religious  identified

Photo of American dignitary in England, c. 1900.  Who is he?  Click picture for enlargement.  Tentatively identified!

**MEXICO, 30mm silver, 12.5g, center hole, cast, crude eagle & snake over wreath, ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS / radiant liberty cap, ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS 1914 1 PESO 1914.  What is this?
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