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    Typically, the older the document the nicer it is.  The paper is better, the printing is better, the penmanship is better.  When we look at a modern document we usually think something like "Oh, no!"  Some of the older ones, just from a visual standpoint, have some eye candy aspects.

USA-PA1) USA, PENNSYLVANIA, Indiana Co., lot of small size legal papers of the 1840s involving a civil suit, includes seizure order, summons, judgement, etc, 6 pcs, fair-VG $35.00
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USA-TX1) TEXAS, attachment order for a deputy in Hays county to take a witness into custody, 1877, VF $65.00 sold
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USD1) USA, Maine, a high school diploma, 1886.  405x560mm (about 16x22 inches).  This is a composite image.  Minor stains, couple of small bites out of bottom edge.  $18.00
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USA-POL1) USA, pair of "nonquota" visas for couple from American Consular Service, Warsaw, 1927, with a mortgage document for same guy, 1924, 3 pcs, VG $33.00 sold 7/3/2013
Click picture for enlargement of this picture only.  Other documents not pictured.  Give me a break.  (-:

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