There are actually quite a few antique Spanish colonial documents around.  If you go to Spain you will find large libraries full of bureaucratic records back to the 5th (!) century, and in Latin America additional tons of paperwork.  Some of it, private stuff mostly, makes its way out into the civilian world, aka the antiques market, and here some of it is.

BOLD5) BOLIVIA, colonial document with royal seals "good for 1774 & 1775," 1 page of a multipage document, handwritten on both sides, I translated about 16 lines, it was all one sentence: " ... and my advices from those who would grant by the concerned at the foundation of the Audiences of Chanca and the mentioned person... you have disposed..." blah, blah, blah, never getting to the point.  214x309mm (~8.5x12"), ragged left edge, few other minor faults, otherwise nice F $40.00 sold 8/22/2011
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