Ah, they loved documents.  Still do.  Permission to go from here to there.  Permission to buy things.  Join this organization to be allowed to do that.  Document to get into this or that building.  On and on.  And receipts.  Somewhere I have a receipt for broken glass.  Maybe I'll find it someday.

RUSD3a) RUSSIA, Imperial Treasury, counter receipt, 1896, 239x~122mm, aVF $18.00
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RUSD3a) similar but edge faults, aVF $9.00
Not pictured.

RUS01) USSR, NKVD (secret police), worker passes, 1937 & 1938 to Left Tribune (of Kremlin) F @ $60.00 each 1937 sold
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USSR, NKVD, birth certificate, 1954, 206x230mm (~8x9"), aVG $13.00
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RUS1) USSR, birth certificate, 1973, VF $14.50 sold
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