GERMANY, documents before 1933
    German bureaucracy became famous in the 19th century for its comprehensive efficiency.  Such was not the case in earlier times.  Before unification the region, with the exception of Prussia, was a kind of back of the envelope, keep the numbers in the head kind of place.  Organizational innovations were the key components of the Prussian takeover of the rest of Germany in 1871.

GDC-14) GERMANY, PRUSSIA, license to operate the "Sister" mine in Fellhammer near Waldenburg for the year 1821, issued in Brieg, 1820, 325x193mm, printed form filled out with lovely handwriting, nice red wax seal, few tiny holes on R side from binding, choice VF $75.00
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GDC-18) GERMANY, maps of the God's Grace Mine of Reustendorff, Lower Silesia, Prussia,  17 maps in a 368x265mm hardcover album, all hand drawn, dates range from 1808 to 1864, cover aG, contents VF $110.00 sold
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GDC16) GERMANY, PRUSSIA, extract of a legal case, Breslau, 1868, 2 pages & large cover tab, 338x209mm (~13.25x8.25"), nicely handwritten with embossed & ink stamps, couple of minor edge faults, VF $17.50
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GSD9) GERMANY, PRUSSIA, Eilenburg, railroad bill of lading, 1849, nice little locomotive vignette, VF $27.00
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GSD10) GERMANY, PRUSSIA, Upper Silesia, Kattowitz, telegram, 1896, edge nicks, minor split folds, F $9.00 sold
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GDC17) GERMANY,PRUSSIA, legal document from the office of Justizrath Furbach, lawyer & notary, Stettin, 1903, with 1.5 mark Prussian revenue stamp, 4 pages, only 1 used, 329x210mm (~13x8.25"), VF $11.50
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