Note please that these documents are in various languages, reflecting various colonial influences of their respective periods.

EGY1. Ministry of Health, quarantine dues receipt for departing passenger on SS Alcantara, 7.8.1946, VF $16.50
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EGY2. Anglo-Egyptian Supply Assoc., receipt for 3 pounds for advertisement in "Jerusalem: How to See it, 1926 ed.", foxed spots, VF $15.00
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EGY4. Societe Orientale de Publicite, Alexandria, receipt for 66 piastres for a listing in the Egyptian Directory, 1918, foxed corner, VF $15.00
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EGY5. Cairo, Admission card for the shareholders' meeting of the Anglo-Egyptian Bank in Jaffa, Palestine, 16.4.1923, XF $25.00
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EGY6. Credit Foncier Egyptienne, handwritten loan, 1903, notarized, various inkstamps, large multipage document in light card cover, cover has minor faults, interior excellent, XF $31.00 sold 8/22/2011
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