If I was to attempt to typify and differentiate Latin American documents from those of other places I think I might mention a tendency toward wordiness, inherited perhaps from royal Spanish usage, which seemed to be of extreme prolixity.

BOLD1) BOLIVIA, description with sketches of 2 real estate parcels, 1860, 219x317mm (~8.5x12.5"), 1 page, a second page transferring the land is missing, minor split folds, VG $13.00 sold
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BOLD2) BOLIVIA, title deed for a real estate parcel, 1849, 219x317mm (~8.5x12.5"), 4 pages, 1 blank, minor faults, $36.00
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BOLD3) BOLIVIA, title deed for a real estate parcel, 1851, with validation statement, 1854, 219x317mm (~8.5x12.5"), 6 pages, 1 blank, edge faults, F $33.00
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BOLD4) BOLIVIA, Tucuman, if I'm not mistaken this is a civil marriage contract, 1898, 203x326mm (~8x12.5"), 4 pages, 1 blank, official seals & tax stamps, edge faults, VG $27.00 sold 1/12/2010
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250-1343. BOLIVIA, lot of partial documents, 1840s-70s, 7 pcs, some fragments, some multi-page, fair-VF $30.00

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