Humorless and foolishly complex bureaucracy made famous by Franz Kafka.

AUTD3) AUSTRIA, passport, 1 page long sheet issued in 1800, 339x126mm, excellent VF+ $125.00 sold
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AUTD4) AUSTRIA, RAGUSA (Dubrovnik), permit for a maritime voyage for 18 year old boy, 1857, printed document in Italian, filled out & signed by hand, 6 kreuzer tax stamp, basically a passport, with translation, 189x241mm (~7.5x9.5"), minimal edge faults, F $42.00 sold
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AUTD2) AUSTRIA, large handwritten receipt for a payment in town of Savin, 14.3.1891, with 5 kreuzer & a 2 kreuzer tax stamps. Savin is now in eastern Poland near the Belarus border.  Sobibor is nearby. 287x217mm, edge faults, one side is trimmed, otherwise VF $18.00
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AUTD1) AUSTRIA, large handwritten court protocol document, town of Leitmeritz, Bohemia, 29.3.1892, 36 kreuzer tax stamp, notary inkstamp, 4 pages, 345x215mm, VF $28.00
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