Kashmir emerges from the mists of antiquity as a definable political entity in the 6th century AD, when the Hephthalite (Hun) king Toramana owned it.  His successors took much of northern Pakistan, then lost it again.  Over time the Huns went native, and several dynasties followed one another until the 14th century, when it was conquered by Muslim invaders.  Copper "staters" of a stereotyped design were in use for about four centuries.

KASHMIR, Kshemagupta & Didda Rani, 950-958 AD, copper stater, seated goddess / seated king, MN-172, VG $7.50 sold
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KASHMIR, Jagadeva, 1199-1213, copper stater, seated goddess / seated king, MN-195/6, VF $16.00 sold 12/28/2009
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