About consignment

I've done consignments for years.  Many happy consignors.

1. The basic time frame is 90 days.  There are possibilities what to do after 90 days to be discussed as we set up the contract, decided on at 90 days.
2. Commission is 20% up to $1000 per item, $1001-$5000 15%, $5001-$10000 12.5%, 10001+ we'll talk.
3. Current setup of my offerings allow you, the consignor, to set your price, all new stuff will be offered twice within a 3 month period more or less, things that don't sell can be repriced, we'll talk about it.
4. I kind of want consignment stuff to be worth about $100 or more per item, but this is flexible.  Flexibility is what I like to do.  Talk with me.