A spam received today:

Dear Sirs,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Mike Thailer and I work as an E-Commerce Manager in CoreWebSoft Developers Group. We develop primarily web site tracking software for wide usage. Every webmaster or site owner should be interested in watching the web site visitors and spying on them - i.e. see what they do in the real time!

You can find below a short presentation of our services.

Web site visitors tracking

We develop website.tracker - comprehensive invisible tracking tool for monitoring your web site visitors.
- Spy on your visitors, see what they do on your site, what they want, where they came from
- Optimize your Google adwords/Overture or similar advertising campaign
- Detect all attempts of hacking your site even before they started
- Don't waste money for internet marketing campaigns without knowledge of their effectivity
- No annoying banners, ads, icons
- Intuitive design with pie charts and bar graphs
- All false traffic generated by crawlers, bots and search engines can be filtered out
- User interface compatible with all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera and others)

Available as a hosted solution or an ASP.NET application script. Feel free to review more information by clicking on the following URL:

Click here for a demo version:

Or create a 30-day trial account (instant setup - no charge):

Also do not hesitate to contact me at anytime in case of any questions or queries.

Best Regards,
Mike Thailer, E-commerce Manager
CoreWebSoft Developers
E-mail: sales@corewebsoft.com

I want to remind you: I do not track, I do not spy, I do not set cookies, I don't do nothing except sit here and fill orders.
Yours truly, Bob Reis