My report to the postal inspector regarding a fraud perpetrated on me by Richard Buchko
Joe Hummel's email interaction describing a fraud perpetrated on him by Richard Buchko

Briefly - my Buchko account is still open.  He was burned out of his Wyandotte address in 2004 and has moved to Oregon.  I do not have a current address.  His email and phone # are and 734-642-5876.

1/14/02 (update at bottom of this page)
Links above are to two pages of email transactions with this person:

Richard Buchko, 877 Fifth St, Wyandotte MI 48192-2934
phone: 734-284-6971

Mr. Buchko has defrauded me of $450.00.  He got the other guy for $350.00.  I have talked to another person who lost $600.00, and yet another who was taken for an undisclosed sum in the hundreds of dollars.  I have talked to a Sgt. Heck of the Wyandotte Police Department who informed me that they have a file on Buchko that extends over several years, but that due to the relatively small losses no one has yet filed a complaint.

I have filed a complaint with the postal inspector, as Mr. Buchko's MO involves the use of the mail.  He is committing mail fraud and evidently has been for more than a year.

If you have had an interaction of any kind with this person please make a written report and send it to the following people:

1) Postal Inspector
    Wyandotte MI 48192
2) Sgt. Heck
    Police Department
    2015 Biddle Ave
    Wyandotte MI 48192

If you want to post your story on my website or if you want to be in touch on this issue, please contact me by email or phone, and/or with Joe Hummel, whose story is linked above.

You can find some links mentioning Richard Buchko on google by doing a search on his name.

After numerous additional emails back and forth Buchko has sent me two postal money orders for $20.00 each and a paypal payment, also for $20.00.  It has taken about 8 months to get $60.00.  He still owes me $390.00.  I guess this is called progress.

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