Photo of American dignitary in England, c. 1900.  Who is he?  Click photo for enlargement.
I got a response: son of George B. McClellan, mayor of New York City, 1900, in London on his way to Paris to pick up the body of John Paul Jones for reburial in USA.  Comments?

Another response: I would say the fellow on the left is not McClellan.  He was born in 1865 and that man is not 35ish.  The man on the right has a moustache and I don't believe McClellan had one ever.  It actually looks like Andrew Carnegie.  He was in England quite a bit about that time, donating libraries and such.
    (later:) G.B. McClellan did not escort Jones' body back from Paris, Admiral Charles D. Sigsbee did.  He had a moustache but no beard.

Another response: The man on the left looks very much like Lord Strathcona (Donald Smith) , a railroad magnate and politician who spent most of his life in Canada and was also known for equipping a Boer war regiment as well as many other accomplishments and acts of plilanthropy. He was also appointed Canadian High Commissioner in London in 1896 and died in England in 1914.,_1st_Baron_Strathcona_and_Mount_Royal