Copper nickel, acquired from Pakistani contact.  Who can tell me about it?  (Can't ever seem to lay them straight on the scanner)
Shi'a token commemorating the birthday of the 12th Imam on 15 Shaban 1378h (CE 1958/59 if lunar Hijra or most likely CE 1999/2000 if solar Hijri).  The obverse states Ya Qai'm-e-Aal-e-Muhammad (O Firmly-Established-One from the Progeny of Muhammad i.e., Imam Mahdi who is believed to be alive and in occultation.) The reverse seems to name some organization (I need a sharper image to read) along with the aforementioned date. Probably from Iran and brought to Pakistan by a Shi'a pilgrim to one of the shrines.  Thankyou Sam Kazmi.