CREDIT CARD SECURITY - Doing a credit card order with a new person is a shot in the dark on both sides.  What you see is someone hiding behind a website, not necessarily who I say I am, and I see someone in possession of a credit card # that I can verify is "good" but I can't verify that the person I'm dealing with is the authorized user.  If I charge an account and the charge is contested by the cardholder my account is debited and there is nothing I can do.  That has happened to me before, and I believe the big merchandisers think they're lucky if they only get single digit percentages of credit card fraud.  But the dealers are always left holding the bag, and naturally we're perturbed.
    I can show you my Raleigh Business License if you want, to prove who I am, and I suppose you could send me a copy of a photo id to match the name on your imaged credit card if you wanted to.  The traditional thing us mailorder people do with new "blind" credit card orders is to process them and then wait to ship until the end of the billing period (a month).  That's why when you buy the electric can opener that also mows your lawn and rocks your baby to sleep from the TV they tell you it may take up to 6 weeks for delivery.  I guarantee you the delay is not due to the crush of business.
    So, unless you undertake heroic measures to reveal yourself to me, that's what will happen if your first order is a credit card order: it may take a couple of weeks to get your parcel.  But after we get to know each other things will speed up considerably.
    Cybernetic security does not deal with this issue.  It exists purely for the shopping and processing convenience of volume businesses, so the web operator never has to talk with the customer.  I foresee the time when this site is forced by inexorable finincial considerations to adopt what will eventually be a more "secure" setup than my current approach of email-until-a-plan-emerges that is working so well here at the moment.  But I plan to remain PERSONALLY available to you, my beloved customers, without whom I'd have to do something else, into the distant future.

1. Email me what you want.  I will send you back a pro forma order showing what's available and how much it will cost, including shipping costs, and will indicate shipping options if applicable.
2. Email me again to confirm.  If you want to pay by credit card you can make totally reasonable security by sending me the first two sets of numbers in one email and the second batch and exp. date in a second email.  Or you can be creative and erudite and send me your card # written out in some code that you devise and send me the key for (like 1=a, etc. or 1=2, etc.) or in some language other than english (I can handle all Romance & Germanic languages, I think, and Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Hindi, Russian and probably most Slavic languages, Hungarian, and possibly others.  If I'm not sure I'll ask you.  Cute?  But it works.

Bob Reis
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phone: (919) 787-0881
(8:30AM-10:30PM EST only please)
fax: (888) 503-8308