Briefly so named and now once again Congo.  In the 15th century Congo was a large and well developed kingdom that had diplomatic relations with several European countries.  The Portuguese worked on destroying it for about 250 years and eventually succeeded.  A century of wars between colonizers, organized as a slave operation by the Belgians, "independence," war, war, war, what we have today is the result.

ZAIRE, 10 zaires P23s 30.6.1972 leopard, SPECIMEN, AU $100.00 sold 9/30/2011
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Regional overprints, P-R3-4.  These 5 and 10 zaires notes were supposedly inkstamped in the early 1980s at various places.  These are examples of all the types I acquired in a batch of 200.  There are a few unillustrated color varieties.  Two types were found stamped on both 5 and 10 zaires notes, the rest on one or the other.  It seems reasonable to assume that other inkstamps exist.


53mm diameter purple: SOUSREGION DE LA LUKALA ZONE DE KASANGULU, letters 3mm tall, 5 & 10z,  most common @ $5.00

42mm diameter purple: Sous-Region du ______(unread)  Zone de MASI-MANIMBA  Region de Bandundu,  rare? $30.00

46mm diameter blue: BN. TER. DE KALEMIE  CIE TER GD KALEMIE  SEC TER GD KONGOLO   $20.00

48mm diameter purple: ETAT CIVIL ZONE DE MATADI $20.00

52mm blue: Commitee (?) Populaire de la Revolution  Secretariat Permenant du M.P.R.  ZONE DE KONGOLO  Sous-Region du Tanganika  $20.00

43mm diameter purple: REGION DE BAN_____ ZONE DE GURTHALA(?) ______, rare? $30.00 sold

48mm diameter black or purple: ZONE DE MADIMBA COLLECTIVITE DE MATADI / MALELE  $10.00

51mm diameter red-black (one is blue): MATADI, 5 & 10z,   second commonest,  $5.00

50mm diameter green: ________BANDUNDU_________, rare? $30.00

52mm diameter blue (one is black): SOUS/REGION DE LA LUKAYA  ZONE DE KASANGULU, letters 2mm tall  $10.00

Katanga banknotes

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