A subcategory of World War II numismatics, "short snorters" were banknotes with signatures and other inscriptions written on them.  Least prized are things that have things like "Hi Mom, love Eddie."  Most valuable are pieces with all the names and ranks of a unit, a date, and a place.

HAWAII, 1 dollar, P36, 1935 (1942), short snorter with multiple signatures, most are unfortunately faded, VG $33.00 sold
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IRAN, 5 rials P32Aa 1317, short snorter with place (Abadan), date (March 5, 1945), & 23 sigs. incl. a major & a sergeant, taped edge, otherwise F $35.00 sold
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NETHERLANDS INDIES, 50 cent P110a 2.3.1943 with a bunch of signatures (some give ranks) of crew on LTC 756, super short snorter, & a 1g with cute note home to dad, F, pair $90.00
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