There is a core (or corps) of collectors of Philippine numismata.  Most of them are personally related to Philippines by service in USA military, thus the median age of those people is getting rather up there.  Of natives there are a few as well, but I think the price pressure continues to come from the American contingent.  And price pressure there is.  Good Philippines material is hard to find and regularly breaks records.

PHILIPPINES, 5 pesos P83b 1936 USA War Dept. issue, # D3451028D, light foxing on edge, VF+ $185.00 sold
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PHILIPPINES, Japanese occupation, 1 peso P109a ND (1943), overprinted THE CO-PROSPERITY SPHERE: WHAT IS IT WORTH? in red.  This piece in a big pile of circulated JIM - I'm pretty sure it's genuine.  aF $65.00
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    Japanese occupation money was overprinted in 1944 by the Allies and dropped on the unliberated areas of the Philippines.  Numerous different notes so printed.  Fakes are known, usually printed in "thick, bright ink."

PHILIPPINES, Japanese occupation, 10 pesos P111a ND (1943) THE CO-PROSPERITY SPHERE: WHAT IS IT WORTH? o/p in red, double punch cancel, F $70.00 sold 11/5/2008
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