Japanese paper money is interesting.  In addition to the usual run of "normal" banknotes of the 19th century and later there is a series of local and private notes from the 1870s and earlier.  These early notes, called hansatsu, are partially cataloged in several Japanese books that have not been translated, and a few of them are listed in the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, vol. 1.  This makes them a bit difficult for non-Japanese to collect, but don't let that stop you.  The later, "normal" notes are very rare in the 19th century series.  Then there is a long series from the 1910s through the end of World War II that have block numbers that can be collected, then there is the post-war stuff which is pretty cut and dried.  I have found Japan to be a popular collecting field that sells well for me.

JAPAN, 5 yen, P50a, ND (1943), block 78, light original ink smear on face, Unc $48.00
Click picture for enlargement.

JAPAN, 5 yen, P50a, ND (1943), block 78, Unc $55.00
Not pictured.

JAPAN, 5 yen, P55a, ND (1944), block 95, spot, F $100.00
Click picture for enlargement.

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